Felipe N. Garcia, M.A.
Dedicated to fostering, teaching and facilitating:

  • A paradigm shift from win-lose to win-win relationship processes and outcomes at all levels of human interactions.
  • Assumptions which support cooperative relationships.
  • Tools helpful in establishing and maintaining collaborate groups and organizations.
  • Avoiding destructive competitive beliefs, communications, interactions and outcomes.
  • Re-considering counterproductive competitive belief, assumptions and behaviors.
  • Ending racism, sexism, heterosexism and all other forms of oppression though multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance.
  • Supporting equity and justice.
  • Ending wars by negotiations, collaboration, and winning together.
  • Ending psychological and physical violence by teaching emotional literacy and other alternatives.

Cooperative relationships help:
  • Couples maintain intimacy
  • Teams increase productivity, fun, success, and profit
  • Individuals, couples, families and organizations be better citizens and more successful
  • Governments resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Communities create peace, safety, harmony, equity and equality

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