Two-Day Experiential Workshop

Competitive relationships, communication, and behaviors among members within an organization lead to barriers for effective teamwork and to a breakdown of productivity and intimacy.

Competition in sports, games, and in the marketplace can lead to better teams and products. Relational Competition in families, groups, and organizations is counter-productive leading to avoidance, resistance, passive coercion, and workers and managers not working to their fullest potential. Cooperation and collaboration in relationships foster self assurance, mutual respect, and shared success.

This highly interactive two day workshop for professional counselors, therapist, ministers, teachers, social workers, psychologists, managers and business executives and CEO's presents and provides participants opportunities to practice:
  • Tools that identify both cooperative and dysfunctional competitive interactions and behaviors
  • Tools to shift to collaborative processes that invite others to do the same
  • Guidelines for working collaboratively across differences such as race, gender, level in the organization, function, culture, age, education, financial, and language
  • Four levels of analysis and intervention for relational and communication conflicts
  • Eleven elements that are essential for building and maintaining collaborative work teams and organizations
  • Tools for using feelings productively to solve communication and relational conflicts
  • Differentiating between the person and the behavior when giving negative or positive feedback
Participants will learn how to:
  • Identify dysfunctional competitive interactions and relationships
  • Practice shifting from competitive dialogue to collaborative, solution-oriented communication
  • Use tools to build and enhance collaborative environments and work teams
  • Diagnose and plan interventions for work teams that are not performing to their maximum potential
This program offers a unique approach to:
  • Improving collaboration among members of an organization at all levels resulting in increased productivity, a more inclusive work environment and enhanced business success
  • Developing and fostering collaborative learning environments and processes
  • Collaborative relationships for increased intimacy
Competition in general is often considered a positive attitude and behavior. In this program, participants learn to differentiate between productive and destructive competitive behaviors and to avoid useless polarizing when working toward a mutual goal while sharing feelings is what is needed.

Registration Fee: $200 (up to 30 days before workshop)
                         $240 (within 30 days of workshop)
                         $50 Deposit required at registration

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